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liquor licenses


We offer various services by utilizing our company’s resources and our network of specialized colleagues.


Erik is a renowned figure in the beverage and hospitality sectors. His expert testimony and opinions are highly valued on various liquor licence in VIC, planning, and business issues, whether at VCAT, county court, the Supreme Court, or with councils and other agencies.


Our management plans are not templates, just like our website. They take into account our more than 20 years at the forefront of the Victorian hospitality and liquor industries and are site- and purpose-specific.


We appreciate the importance of thorough instruction. Including a responsible serving of alcohol, the licensee’s First Step, and the licensee compliance certificate, we can assist accredited course providers in running various training programs. We are offering liquor advice in Melbourne.


This is essentially what we do all day, every day, whether it’s new license applications, changes to current licenses, or license transfers. Our clients may concentrate on other areas of their business since we oversee the preparation, lodging, and processing of all applications with unmatched experience and efficiency as Victoria’s top liquor licensing consultancy. Our consultancy is open for liquor advice in Melbourne.

Our clients are aware that getting a liquor license requires a lot more than just filling out paperwork. They are mindful of the need to obtain the proper permission, with practical constraints, to support their commercial objectives. We are dedicated to making sure that our clients receive a liquor licence VIC in a format that best suits their business and gives them the most impressive economic potential, whether it be for a single-operator café or a multi-tenancy complex.

We daily deal with requests for new liquor licenses VIC, amendments to active licenses, and license transfers. We handle the creation, filing, and processing of all applications with unmatched expertise and efficiency, freeing our clients to concentrate on other areas of their businesses. We are renowned for being Victoria’s top liquor licensing consultancy.

Our father and daughter team run a niche consulting firm. It’s a widespread belief that when families work together, either wonderful or horrible things can happen. Fortunately, in our case, it has worked out. incredibly well. In every application, we both take an active role and communicate directly with every client.

We are actively working to improve our reputation. This is the focus of all efforts and professionalism. Therefore, get in touch with us if you need alcohol counselling in Melbourne; we’re here to help. Thus, we are pleased to welcome you to apply for a VIC liquor license. Get your license today. 

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