Structural Support Of Shoe Insoles In Footwear

shoe insoles

Waproo is a company that has introduced number of different products that are commercial water and stain protector agents that effectively works on fiber and garments to repel any type of mild or hard stain on the surface. This is a technologically advanced invention that is test for its compatibility with surfaces like clothes and leather. One of the most common items marketed by Waproo is the Waproo renovating polish which is high quality, purity, shiny, and colored polish suitable for boots, shoes and other footwear accessories. This is an ideal product which is used to replenish the lost charm of shoe appearance by applying coating of polish color on it. This can be done directly by the polish as well as can be rendered on shoe surface with help of microfiber cloth. In the shoes anatomy, shoe insoles also referred as shoe insert is a main component of the entire footwear structure and is more like a soft pas to keep the feet safe and comfortable. Individuals with sensitive, injured, and prone to fungal infection feet are recommended to add insole in all footwear to provide cushioning feel.

Waproo renovating polish

Polish is a food for shoes and boots. Waproo renovating polish is developed and designed with refreshing color that clean, improve, and color the leather surface of footwear in no time. This shoe polish is available in cream and spray textures with variety of options in colors like black, brown, burgundy, cherry red, camel, bone, caramel, etc.

Waproo renovating polish is an advanced kind of shoe polish which is the most compatible with smooth, grained, and rough leather surfaces. The two main ingredients that help in the preparation of this polish are the natural bee wax and lanolin which are effective in coating, nourishing, protecting, scuffing, and smoothening shoe surfaces. Along with these, such polish can be used to remove stubborn shoe stains.

Shoe insole

Shoe insert is a soft pad that is used as a cushioning agent within the internal partitioning of the footwear. This is commonly found in all kinds of shoes and boots but is even more important to use shoe insole with people with walking issues. Thus, insole offers a support and warmth which is best for long walks and feet that are under certain medical treatments. So, footwear with insole has quality medical benefits associated with them too.

Shoe insole can be externally added to few shoes; however it might be a discomfort while wearing it in the first few weeks. This one is found underneath and support bottom of the feet in the easiest way. People with flat feet are comfortable to wear shoes provided with insole giving a structural support to the legs.


Waproo renovating polish is a product that is specialized in conditioning, coloring, coating, and protecting shoe surfaces. On the other side, shoe insoles are the soft padded structures that are provided underneath to support lower surfaces of feet.

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