8 Factors To Consider For Outdoor Furniture’s Materials

A large house with beautiful cheap outdoor furniture and swimming pool is a dream of every person. Making beautiful lounge is not possible without beautiful furniture but all types of furniture cannot be used for outdoors. Such furniture should have special qualities to stand longer. Best material choice is important for maintaining the quality of outdoor furniture. The time and effort are also required to make the furniture able to stand the whole year. The following factors should be considered before choosing the right material.

Moisture and Rain

Every area has its own weather conditions. If you are living in an area where the atmosphere remain moisturize or it rains daily or weekly, you should select such materials furniture for outdoor sitting area that have water resistance capacity.

Rot and Mold

In moisture or humidity, the fungi appear to grow at different places. Such organic materials which can hold water are susceptible to mildew and mold. It can also cause health issues like respiratory problems and irritations. Rot can decompose the material slowly.


Many strong metals like iron or steel get corrode while reacting with water or moisture. They slowly lose their quality and also cause discolouration. The salt and oxygen start some chemical processes against heavy metals which can only be provided by perfect coatings.

Heat and temperature

These factors have a great impact on many materials. As the resident of the sunny area, you should choose materials for your outside lounge which could stand from the damage of ultraviolet rays. Some materials get heated so easily and become so hot to use. Such materials can also get cold in winter seasons. High heat retention property makes the furniture uncomfortable.


Some materials get fade or lose quality due to environmental circumstances. Their colour and appearance get spoiled over time. 


The temperature affects the size of objects. Every material has its different elasticity. Mostly with heat, the materials expand while in cold temperature the materials contracts. This expansion and contraction can cause cracks in the furniture. The big cracks can also cause splitting of furniture. So your table or chairs will not stand longer.


It is the most important characteristic of a material. The higher the durability of material the longer it will be able to use. Heavy metals like iron, steels are the best example. Some materials are durable enough to stand for a lifetime. You just need to care them properly like by paints and coating to keep them safe from corrosions or decomposition.


Wind speed matters a lot while selecting outdoor furniture. You should choose heavy material for furniture if you are living in an open area. The high-speed wind will blow your lightweight furniture and it also causes damage in storms.