Different Types Of Solar Panels And Their Respective Functions

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It has been estimated that about more than fifty percent of the total world population is being facilitated with the provision of electricity. Their day to day activities have become dependent upon the use of electricity; whether it is the electrical appliances or the commercial necessities. Such high amount of electricity consumption definitely results in the breakdown of electricity and this is the reason that people have come up with different ways to generate electricity besides the regular generation of electricity through the processing of fossil fuels in steam turbines. One such way of electricity generation is through the principal of solar power system in which sun light or sun rays are captured to produce electricity or heat energy. There are direct as well as indirect methods of utilising sun light and generating electricity. Special panels known as solar panels are used to carry out this process of generating electric power. In this article; we will be discussing about the different types of solar panels and their respective functions.

Different types of solar panels and their respective functions:

Let us comprehend the actual concept of solar panels before directly discussing about its different types. Basically; a solar panel can be defined as the flat structure mainly composed of silicon element that is used to absorb sunlight and convert it into the form of electrical power. There are three different types of solar panels which differ on the basis of their structure.

One such solar panel is known as mono crystalline panel system, which is made up of the single type of crystalline cells; hence the name “mono”. This single type of crystalline cell is silicon of cell of high purity.  Second type is known as poly crystalline panel system and it comprises of multiple crystals of silicon cells. The third type of solar panels is known as thin film panel system.  It is designed of micron thick photon that has the absorbing abilities because of its multiple layers.

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Solar panel is the flat structure which is mainly composed of silicon elements and is used to utilise sunlight to generate electricity. There are three different types of these panels systems based on their structure and also somewhat on their functions. These three types of solar panels include mono crystalline pane, poly crystalline panel and thin film of solar panel system. “Central solar systems” provides the facility of installing best solar power systems at your home/ offices because they have the best solar installers as well as top quality of solar panels.