Safety Gates Are A Must In A House With Children

Nothing makes a parent happier then to see their child healthy. To avoid your child falling of the stairs, or bumping into doorways, you will have to install some safety measures around the home, so that while you work in the kitchen or are doing the laundry, your child can safely paly in the bedroom or in the lounge. The ones who can help you with child safety gates for stairs in Australia are Home Safe Kids. Although they are located in Melbourne, but their services are available all across the country, whether you just want their advice, home assessment by their experts or installation of products, they do it all! For further information, you may contact the team by calling at the following number: 1300 88 7233 or email them at:

Install safety gates in the following areas

When a child starts crawling till the age they starts to walk and beyond, this time period is most crucial as this is when they are most prone to getting injured. So the best you can do is create an exclusive zone for them by putting up barriers. As for all child related products, it is advised that you do some prior research about the quality of products and also check its ease in terms of installation before buying it. Another thing to consider is where you place these safety gates, for instance at the beginning of the staircase and one at the top perhaps, so that the child does not tries to climb the stairs in your absence.

If you think that installing these safety gates in your stairways will safe keep your children, then you are surely mistaken as there are numerous other places around your home where your child needs protection, for instance in the kitchen. One of the most asked questions is that is there a need to install safety doors and barriers in the kitchen or not, well the answer is yes, you do need safety doors in the kitchen as well. This is because a stay at home mom or dad are going to spend most time of their day in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning, and so will be the baby. It is great if you have latches in your kitchen drawers as there are numerous products in kitchen that need to be kept away from children such as detergents and kitchen cleaners which are usually kept under the sink, knives or ceramics kept in drawers and cabinets etc. 

Choose the right gate for your home

Home Safe Kids provides a wide variety of gates ad barriers for numerous kinds of child safety issues. One of the gates they have in store is pressure gates. These gates are available at Home Safe Kids in different kinds of configurations and customers can have them custom sized according to their requirements. In addition to this, they also have gates that close on their own; these self-closing gates are among customer favorites.